My Perfect Summer Day!!!

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My perfect summer day would be…



Me getting to stay the pool as long as I want. I’m going to live that right now!!!

”Hi mom can we go to the pool”? ”Sure”. ”Let me go get our swim clothes.”    ”DONE!” I yell excitedly.” So can we go now.” PLEASE!” I put on my swim clothes. 

”Wow!” ”You must really be excited honey.” ”Okay!” ”Lets go.” ”Thanks mom!” ” Your the best!” So we go to the pool. Then it starts raining.” Oh no please rain not right now.” Then it stops raining. Then it starts raining floats.” WOW.” Its raining floats. Then its stops. Then it starts raining ice cream!!! ”WOW.” Thanks world.” This is the best day ever!!!” I catch an ice cream and its vanilla my favorite type of ice cream!!! Then the day finally ends.” Goodnight 

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