Hobbes’ identity is awoken

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        One day, on a wonderful summer day, Calvin and Hobbes were walking through the woods when Lucy came right behind them. Hobbes quickly turned into a stuffed tiger. Lucy came by. “Calvin, what are you doing?” she asked.

        “Nothing” Calvin said. As he said this, a net flew out of his hands onto Lucy. Calvin laughed and ran away.

        “I’ll get you!!!” Lucy yelled.

        The next day… “GIVE BACK HOBBES!!!!” Lucy ran away with Hobbes in her hands as Calvin chased after. Lucy ran inside her house and shut the door. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Calvin cried. “My best friend is gone!”

        Meanwhile, inside… “would you like some tea?” Lucy asked.

        “Yes” a voice said. “who – whos there?” Lucy was horrified.


        “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Lucy screamed and ran out of the house. “What was that?” Lucy asked Calvin. Calvin giggled. “STOP!” exclaimed Lucy. “This is serious!” “someone is in my house!” Calvin laughed so hard. “COME ON! WE’RE GOING INSIDE TOGETHER!” Lucy yelled.

        “Okay” said Calvin.

        “Why aren’t you scared?” said Lucy.
        “Its Ho – there was silence. – bby!”
        “Yeah! Its my hobby!” Calvin said.

        They both ran inside. It was dark. Then, Hobbes ran out and made Lucy faint because she was really scared. Then, Hobbes and Calvin ran away laughing.

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