How Technology is changing us

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by : Ava
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I am not asking that you replace lockers I am working on a new idea for lockers. I am thinking that we put digital combos on our lockers. We can make it a 4 digit code to get in and to lock it you press the LOCK button. They will still be magnetic so you can still decorate it with magnets so we can decorate our own style. That is how we can improve lockers without replacing them.


  • Yes good idea

  • Yess! I have trouble opening my locker all the time, that would be so much easier and so much quicker.

  • That is a good idea

  • Indent the beginning please.

    • It’s fine. She’ll work on that.

  • Love that! Sounds like a plan. You should talk to Mr. Thompson. That’d be super cool.

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