Are sports and games as important as schoolwork?

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        Sports can be a huge part of someones life and can affect many aspects of someones personality and learning ability. But are sports as important as school? No, they are not. Sure, sports can be really benefitifital for someone but sports only can get a few people so far until they need education. Don’t get me wrong though, I love sports, I think sports are wonderful but I also think that education and school work is a lot more wonderful. School is almost nesescary if you want to do anything in life but sports are just something fun to do that can teach you a few important lessons. For example, school will help you learn how to do everyday activities such as, cooking, paying for grocries, and paying for everyday needs. Whereas playing sports can not fulfill those needs for you. Also school will help you get a job and be successful, but for only a few people playing sports will get them a job. For instance, if you are really really good at a sport and can go onto college for that sport and eventually become a professional in that sport then you can get by without a job. Although, most people are not lucky enough to become a professional in a sport which is why getting an education is very nessescary for most jobs. In conclusion, sports are important but not as important as getting an education. 

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  • wow way to explain your point

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