Summer is Over Again

I know that some people love summer and others want to go back to school but I LOVE SUMMER!!!  Summer is the best season ever. I know that school is almost up when the buses are going around my neighborhood and when my mom asks me what I need for school. I don’t like school so when my dad tells me school is in 3 days I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I love summer because my grandma lives right on a lake and my dad, my brother, my cousins, and my uncle, and I go swimming there every summer. My 3 year old cousin comes to Michigan to visit us and we take him swimming sometimes. Another reason I don’t want school to start is because I play softball and we have softball tournaments a lot during the week.The one reason why I do want school to start is because I also play basketball and in the Winter basketball season starts.


  • I love summer too! And this is so repeatable!!

  • I agree I love summer more than almost anything.

  • Nice story i can say that i am the same when school was almost here too (XD) and i loves how you also put your cute baby cousin in the story nice job!

    • thanks bro (XD)

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