Book Character Escaped

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He looked like any other person, but little did everyone know he’d just escaped from a book. However, his slightly curly raven black hair, combined with his sharp jawline, piercing gaze, and slightly defined nose, made him appear as if he were a model. I’d never seen anyone look so…. perfect! But along with his physical appearance that made him seem welcoming, came something else. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but he seemed strangely intimidating. Kind of like the type of ex-military that everyone looks to for leadership in a troublesome experience. Thinking about what he would do to a person he didn’t like sent a shiver rumbling around my bones. As I turned away and started reading my book again, I told myself he wasn’t any of my business. But why would someone like him be in a library? He could like books and reading. But if he was here to get more, where were they? Something didn’t seem right. Deciding I could never come to a conclusion in my mind, I figured that the book I was trying to read obviously wasn’t good enough to keep my mind off the stranger. Getting up slowly, my back hurting from sitting in the same position for too long, I went back to the shelf and returned the book. Gazing at the other titles of numerous books, waiting for one to jump out at me, I saw it – thick, a little worn, and a colorless cover. I curiously grabbed it, wondering how anyone would willingly try to make a book look unappealing. As I turned it over, I saw one thing that would end up changing my life completely; the strange man in the library I had seen five minutes earlier looked exactly like the character on the back of the book. As I traced my fingers over the cover, questioning if I was delusional, I hear a deep voice speak behind me. “What are you doing?”

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