Summer is Over When…

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Summer! I love summer! But… summer sadly has to end.:( But when does it officially end? To me, summer ends on the first day of school. When you first step foot into that muggy, hot, gross building, you are letting go of your summer freedom. No more, staying up late. No more sleeping in. No more, watching TV all day. Instead you have to learn, do homework, study, blah, blah, blah. Say goodbye to summer when school starts up again. Soon it will be cold and cloudy. The sun will take a nap and the snow will wake up. Soon instead of going swimming, you’ll be making snowmen, and having snowball fights with your best friends. You’ll be snuggling up next to a flaming fire and laughing with your family. Hot cocoa will be brewing while you’re dad is tickling you till you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. You know, now that I think about it. Letting go of summer isn’t so bad. Because if summer was all year then there wouldn’t be snow. No snow angels, no snow forts. Nothing. Just hot. And the sun does need rest. It would get bored sitting out all year. Man, winter is great. Who needs summer?


  • I love that you are a extremely amazing descriptive writer Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING

    • Thanks Ava! You too!:):):)
      Heart you!

  • this is very descriptive I love it AmAzInG job

  • ThAnk YoU!!!!

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