The nightmare

        ”What are you scared of Amber ?” Brittney asked in a sassy tone  ”Why”. I asked ”It´s getting dark it makes it scarier”. ”well when I was little I was scared of giant dark monsters with really big white eyes”. “Ha that’s not even scary” Jess laughed, All of a sudden it went silent.

 All three of us looked at each other shocked, soon the fire went out and we were all screaming. “WE NEED TO….go? they were all gone the wind howled, and the cold breeze blew around me. Something then flashed in my eyes so big and bright I ran to it thinking it was my dad’s huge flashlight.

         I stopped remembering my nightmare as a child, “it can’t be real” I said to myself as I ran to the light.”There you are I was looking for you” my dad added,” Time for bed.” I hopped in my bed forgetting to put my PJs on and drifted off to sleep.

I opened my eyes and saw my worst nightmare a giant, a black and thorn-covered monster. I tried to run, I managed to escape in a large cabin it smashed its hand into the cabin and grabbed me. It opened its mouth slightly like it was trying to say something, I soon woke up screaming and noticed it was just a dream.

I calmed myself down and got up to look at my phone “OH SNAP I’M LATE” I yelled, I hurried up and ran outside and my dad was waiting for me in his car. ” I thought you wouldn’t wake up,” my dad said ” well you didn’t wake me up,” I replied as I ran into his car. He dropped me off and I walked into class “Why are you late?” Mr.ross asked  ” my alarm didn’t go off” I said as I sat down in my chair… 

                                        To be continued :)


  • Whenever I have a scary dream I always think it’s real life!

  • Woah! Creepy! Nice puncuation!

  • I have the same kinds of nightmares.

  • that was scary I think that you sould make a part two

  • whoa that was creepy I loved how you used the punctuation! (PLEASE MAKE A PART 2!)

  • When I have a nightmare I get the same one over again.

  • I love the detail you put into this story!!! Scary stories are my favorite!!! PLEASE make a part two!!! :)

    • Part 2 is already out

  • i loved the detail to make that story so you could feel the story and the cold in the wind it was really good

  • In nightmares it is always hard to get up for something

  • I like how the story was action packed. I also like how descpiptive you made the monsters.

  • this is a really good story base hope you do the second part soon!

  • This is really cool!

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