the house

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welcome back sorry for not writing all summer but im back and pls enjoy. once in the woods near a old abandoned house i moved in and had a house built i went to school here for three years and I’ve made no friends so I’ve made my self a crazy loner well back to telling u what happend but i was in 8th grade and i have been bullied for like ever here just because the house next door was haunted me and my dad went to check it out because we didn’t believe the superstitions we spent the night there we didn’t get hurt nothing bad happend people didn’t believe that me and my dad went in the house and spent the night there so i convinced them to come with me so we all spent the night and played hide and seek. i was seeking and when i went to find them some were easy to find and some were hard and they kept diapearing left and right after i found them and three i found again and i asked if they all made a plan to scare me and they said yes so we gave up and went to the living room and played truth or dare and so we did i chose truth and i had to say who i liked and there was a girl named kayden that i said that i liked that went to school with us all. and so we played for hours then some thing bad happend i heard a loud scream and we went to check it out and we found a girl i didn’t know dead. i was smart and stayed calm and walked out of the house. nobody else was able to get out and they blamed me. i didn’t care and walked home some other kid got out and said that everybody else was dead and when he got out he said some one chased him home and killed his parents me and my mom and dad moved and never thought about it again. well have a good day after you are done reading this and you should read my other story’s.  have a good day/and or night

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