Are Sports More Important than School?

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Are sports better than school? Well it depends. If your sport is after school and it depend on your grades than no it is not more important than school. Now if it is a sport like cross country, basketball, baseball, softball that you play for a school team it is more important than school because the coaches can see your grades and they can determine whether or not the grade is good enough for you to play on the team or if it is not good enough for you to play on the team. If you have all As you can play on the team. If you have anything below a C you might not be able to play on the team. You would have to stay off of the team until you get you grades up. You can’t even watch them practice, but you can watch them at there game or competition. The coaches will probably ask you if your grades have come up yet. If they do they might let you play, if they don’t you can’t play on the team unless all of your grades are up to like a B then they might let you play. It depends on what letter grade the coaches want you to have so that you can play on the team. Most coaches want it to be a B some wnat an A. It also depends on what sport you are playing because some sports want you to have all A’s. So do you think

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  • I think school is more important because you have to have good grades in school if you want to play a sport or do anything like that

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