The Mist

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by : Jack
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The woods were dark, almost chilling. My hands were clasped around my bow, waiting for the signal. Then, WHOOM, a giant fireball hit the enemy base. Cayde, my good friend said “What’s happening?” I did not know, but I knew something was wrong. “Gods of Egypt! What is that thing?” I was Neith’s chosen, the goddess of hunting. Cayde was Horus’s chosen one, god of war. The Romans came running out, and cries of pain rang out as arrows cut down soldiers. I heard a THANG and Cayde fell. “NO!!” I screamed. I ran in the woods, but mist surrounded me. “Elijah. For years I waited this assault. Horus told me I would die. But do not worry. Osiris already put me in the afterlife. Go back to war.” Cayde. BRIIIIING. BRIIIIIIIIIING. The alarm went off. “I need to stop reading the Kane Chronicles before bed.” I mumbled. After I got home from school, I read the last chapter of The Serpent’s Shadow. Of course I knew it wasn’t real but it still seemed satisfying just to yell HA-DI and have anyone who bullies you to explode. The next day when I went to school, the usual bullies were hanging out by the front of the school, the ones who charge me and Cayde money for admission to school yelled ”Gods of Egypt Sam, it’s Anubis! Lets bow down and grovel!” Said Ugly 1 ” Good one Joe.” Said Ugly 2. I gave them my 25 cents and walked away. I went to my locker and mist poured out. The mist formed into the shape of a man. “Elijah. The gods have smiled upon you. You get 1 wish.” Naturally, I yelled “MAKE THE KANE CHRONICLES REAL AND HAVE ME BE BLOOD OF PHARAOHS SO I CAN BE A MAGICIAN!!!” The mist dissipated. After first period, I went back the my locker and I found a djed. A hieroglyph! “Oh my gosh.” I said. Then Cayde came. He told me this. “I found a djed in my locker! That means… oh gosh.” He said. And I knew he was right.




  • nice story jack

  • your welcome. I really enjoyed part 1 and I was really hoping for a part 2

    • k ill do it later

  • This is great, I’ve never read the Kane Chronicles, but it sounds awesome!

  • yes, and this was based on it

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