The Christmas Candle

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I walk downstairs on a crisp November morning. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so I see my parents cleaning up the kitchen: washing dishes, putting away leftovers, and wiping down the table. I see my sister munching on a croissant and a bowl of cereal for breakfast. My dog is scratching at the door because she sees a squirrel frolicking in the backyard, leaves crunching beneath its feet. But the thing that sticks out to me most is the ever so delightful smell of the Christmas candle. It smells like the holiday season with hints of cinnamon, evergreen, and vanilla. The wick crackles as the candle burns, which is very relaxing. I associate the smell of the Christmas candle with the holiday season, especially the beginning when my family puts out our Christmas tree. We have a plastic tree every year because its easier to take care of and is more cost-efficient. Our Christmas tree and all of its parts are stored in many, many boxes in the basement, which we drag up the stairs the day after Thanksgiving every year. We turn on the Christmas radio station and my family gets to setting up the tree. After we set it up, we go retrieve another series of boxes from the basement that are filled with ornaments. My family has many ornaments, but not the photogenic ones that are on trees in catalogs. Our ornaments are all mismatched because we have ornaments from all of our favorite vacations and experiences. As we unpack our ornaments, we remember all of the wonderful experiences we’ve had over the years. After a few hours of decorating, my house is finally decked-out for the holiday season and the Christmas candle is still burning. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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  • This is great! My family also puts out candles in the holiday season, has all sorts of ornaments, and a plastic tree. Who´s copying who here? Anyway, I like how you describe the whole scene, not just the scent and what it means to your family. Good job!

    • Thank you!!

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