Sights of the Nose

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Every once in awhile, I lift my nose in the air and get a long whiff of everything around me. It could be good, bad, or nothing, like a mystery box. When in school, I can smell the books, the smell of pencils dancing on paper, and hopefulness, then doubt, dread, then total desperation leading to a failed grade and a future at McDonald’s. And also sweat. I could lift my nose at home and smell the happy remnants of a past where we could care less about the stresses of life and more about ourselves; a birthday party, a grill, and a friend. I could walk into my room and smell the dirty laundry piled around me. But one smell that will stay with me is of a time just to myself and my friends, a time where we cared little. When it truly meant to live, breath, feel the wind across your face. The memories of smells my friends share and show, those locked away in the most beautiful part of our hearts. And there, at Oak Grove Elementary, in the smallest bodies with the largest hearts, lies me from the past, where I can still smell the joy I had felt.


  • This is really good. I like how well you described different things and emotions. I also like how you added jokes.

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