Smells of Happy Memories

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by : jack
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The smell of the ocean breeze brings back happy memories for me. I love going to the beach, and it brings back so many memories for me. Whenever we go to the beach, as soon as my family and I get to our hotel room, we open the sliding door and let the wonderful breeze come in. The breeze reminds me of so many fantastic things. Eating amazing breakfasts, building wonderful sand castles, fishing, and playing in the pool are just some of the highlights of pretty much every trip. But the ocean is the best feature. Waves for surfing, fish for fishing, sand for sand castels, and shells for collecting are just some of the qualites of the amazing beach. Sometimes on our trips, we also get to go with familiy, which is an added bonus. This is why the smell of the ocean breeze brings back happy memories for me.

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