Should students have a part to play in deciding the curriculum that schools offer? WA #3

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by : Lucy
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     Should students have a part to play in deciding the curriculum that schools offer?

        Have you ever felt like the way your school curriculum is set up is a joke? Grades only depend on how you score on tests, what if you do poorly on tests but still understand the material? What if homework doesn’t do you any good, and only stresses you out? These are just two examples of how senseless school curriculum is. Classes are not designed in way that benefits students, they are designed to set them up for failure. If students had the ability to be able to have a say in designing school curriculum, they could do so in a way that benefits them and helps them succeed! Students should have a part to play in deciding the curriculum that schools offer because then they could learn more about things they are interested in instead of wasting their time learning useless information, they could learn in way that would better help them to succeed, and they would be much more willing and eager to learn.

        First of all, if students had a say in the curriculum, then they could learn more about things that they are interested in and are looking to have an occupation in in the future. A lot of the subjects that students are required to take are going to be useless to them later on in life. For example, what about a student who wishes to be a newspaper reporter one day? Taking subjects such as physics and geometry would just be a waste of time for them! Of course, basic math must be taken just to be able to do everyday tasks, but specific classes like those are unnecessary. If this student had a say in the curriculum, then they could have taken more writing classes and learned about how to take information from an event they have witnessed and write it in a way that is intriguing and interesting to all audiences. This is what reporters do. If this person knows that is the occupation that they want to have in the future, they should be able to take classes to get them more familiar with what they want to do.

        All students are different, which means all students learn differently. Some are really bad at taking tests, and for others, homework is a waste of time and just a stress inducer. Students should be able to have a say in deciding school curriculum because that way they can optimize the class to be the most beneficial for them. For example, a student who knows that taking notes does not help them remember the information they are taught, can decide that there should be a class where their notes are worksheets where they fill in blanks and that’s what they study from. Or maybe someone hates watching videos and cannot retain information from them, so they decide to create a class where the teacher is the only thing teaching the lessons. Doing this will accurately show what a student knows, not just whether or not they are good at taking exams, or completing their homework on time. At the moment, students are destined to fail. The constant tests and the overwhelming stress to get their homework done can be hard to keep up with and usually results in inadequate grades that poorly reflect a student’s knowledge. New student designed classes will set kids up for success, and give them the opportunity to do the best they can by learning in a way that is beneficial to them. 

        Lastly, a student is going to be far more willing to learn if they are learning something they are interested in. For example, a student who wants to be an author as an occupation later in life, is not going to feel excited to come to school knowing that have to learn about the U.S government and the history of quantum physics. It is also much easier for a teacher to teach when their students are eager to learn, and are engaged in classwork. Students who are willing to put effort into something they are interested in are also more likely to score higher on tests, which can boost their school’s rank in their state. Willing students are successful students.

        Teachers right now don’t know what’s best for their students. All they know is the set curriculum they are forced to teach. They have no idea what a person is interested in, or how they learn best. Occasionally, teachers will go around and ask what kinds of learners their students are, and say they will try to adapt their teaching to fit everyone’s needs. In most case scenarios, the teachers do nothing with this information, and instead continue teaching as they normally would. Not all, but most educators could be less concerned with making sure that all of their students are learning in a way that’s best for them. Kids are the ones that are doing the learning at school, why shouldn’t they be allowed to decide what and how they are going to learn? Some students may decide that homework should not be required in the classes they design, others will enforce a grading system mainly based off of classwork instead of tests and exams. The cause of this would be a huge improvement in grades, class engagement, and a more positive learning environment. You want to be able to look back on all of the days you spent in class and truly believe that it was all worthwhile. With the curriculum we have right now, that is easier said than done.

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