Should Students Grade Teachers??

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I personally think that if your class is responsible enough and honest enough than, yes I do think so. But if your class is very irresponsible and unsafe than I would think no they shouldn’t be able to do so. Also you wouldn’t grade your teacher based on tests and homework, you would grade them based on fairness and respect for students. If teachers have any respect for students, than students don’t have to full respect teachers. I also feel as if teachers should give rewards to those that are good and should punish those that are bad. Another point is that we know we all have bad days when its either we didn’t get enough sleep, or family things, or you might just plain be feeling crappy. Luckily enough, most teachers know how to deal with students. But do students know how do handle teachers?? My thought is that if a teacher is having a bad day, the students should be aloud to grade teachers based on weather a teacher can handle a bad day. 

        So in conclusion, yes a student should be able to grade teachers.

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