judging a book by its cover

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When you look at a cover of a book, your first instinct is that the whole book is what the cover has displayed . Sometimes that may be the case, but for the most part there is so much more to the book than what the cover gives you to look at. For the book, “Love Hate and other Filters” by Samira Ahmed, looking at the cover I see a person who looks to be a normal teenage girl living a life she loves. This teen is wearing casual clothes that anyone of us would be wearing at this moment. She has a camera wrapped around her neck and a backpack by her feet which symbolizes her going to school learning about photography or that taking pictures is her passion in general.Other then the girl, the cover is just plain white with bold, large words of the title that is trying to catch our attention. They are waiting to surprise us


  • I would elaborate more on what people think when they first see the cover of LHOF, but I think your description was well written.

  • Talk about Love Hate and other filters was good, but more talk should be done on this cover. Otherwise, it was great.

  • I liked how deeply analyzed you did of this cover. The assumption of photography has a big part in the story, but means so much to her.

  • You are correct with all your points, but I would explain what you think more. Other than that, it is well written and has very good points.

  • Just explain more in your cover expliantion.

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