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        My parents made me who I am today. They taught me everything I know and I could not be more grateful. I believe parents play a huge role in the shaping of a kid’s identity. Kids are born knowing nothing, it is up to the parents to teach them everything. Parents teach their children rights and wrongs, how to act, what to believe in, and endless other attributes. Who they turn out to be isn’t always a direct reflection of the parents teaching, but it does have a huge influence. Parents guide you through life and raise you as a kid. Kids learn from their parents and off their parents and grow up with them the most important learning period of your life. I believe there is no doubt that a part of the way people are and how they act is from how they were raised by their parents.


  • this is very good! i feel like i can relate to this and i agree with it.

  • I relate to parents shaping their kids but not being the be-all-end-all of how their kid turns out. Sometimes a kid just has to be who they want to be

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