Three ways I can be kind and helpful to the world.

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by : Lily
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        I know that sometimes people can be rude and hurtful, but there is a way to help all that. I have come up with a list of three things that would make someone’s day. First, I would donate to charity or help the homeless. I would do this because I really want to support people, and show them that everyone has a chance in this world. Next, I would donate money towards adoption for pets. Doing this will help the pets live and have a happy life. Also, I would adopt one and allow them to live in a safe, comfortable, and clean house to enjoy in. Then, I would help out around my community. I would help clean the streets, help any shop or stand, or help a person. It is really important to do this because not only do you feel good about yourself, but you also make other people feel happy. In addition, I would make other people feel happy and full of joy. I would make friends with people if they don’t have much, I would give gifts to make their day, and I would help them with things. As you can see, there is a lot of things you can do to change someones bad day, into a good day. If you put in effort, you can turn someone’s day amazing! Just with a touch of kindness.


  • This was really deep, and was great for everyone to understand that all you need is a little kindness!

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