Little Davy

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        ”AHHHHH!!!” I screamed. ”Mama, I got ice cream on my head!!”. Lets start from the beginning. My mom and I were walking down Thomson street and we stopped for ice scream, I got rainbow swirl. My mom got mint chocolate chip. I was worried that I would make a big mess so I ate it with caution.  But as it turned out the way I ate it, I made a huge mess. I tried to finish it as fast as possible, so that I could not make a bigger mess than I already made. Mom was going to tell me something, but she looked at me and realized the big mess I made. She told me that we had to start heading home. So she put a towel down on the seat so I wouldn’t make a mess in her car. When we got home, she took me to the bathroom. and here is where we are now.

        “AHHHHH” I screamed. “Mama, I got ice cream on my head!!”.  “Hun you need to take a shower, NOT A BATH!!” Mom said. “I don’t wanna!!”  I replied. But in the end she made me anyway. 


  • I love your use of quotation marks.

    • Thank you???

  • That is how I feel every time my parents make me shower.

    Nice Story :)

    • That is so true!!

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