The American Dream

I do think the American Dream is still attainable. For me the American Dream would be to just get a¬†scholarship for a good college. I might be thinking ahead a lot of years but still, I think that the American Dream would be to get a¬†scholarship. What college? I have a few choices that I want to go to. Duke University, Tenneessee University, and Virginia Tech. the main one is Tenneessee because I went to their softball camp, they have a really great softball program, and they have a great basketball team. But I also really like Duke because, I mean come on, it’s Duke. I literally love their basketball team. They also have a softball, track, and fencing teams. Their cross country team is really good and their softball team looks pretty good too. The real question is, what do you think the American Dream is?!?!?!?


  • also to get a scholarship to duke because i really want to play basketball there

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