The American Dream is still alive

        The American Dream for me means to achieve something with hard work and determination. For me that would look like working really hard in basketball and getting on the Rising stars. Rising Stars is a basketball team held by the National Basketball Association. My coach said I have a future for that. That means I need to work hard and work hard with determination.

        What that looks like for me is having great defense and great offense. The American Dream is still attainable, especially for me. I’m striving to achieve it and if I work at it more, It will happen, but I can’t get to cocky about it.  

        The one thing that I need to work on is my left hand. Other than that I’m succeeding my American Dream. If I do get in Rising Stars, That would be so cool. I just have to work hard and work hard with determination. I always do my best at practice and even when we aren’t having actual practice I still practice in my driveway or at the courthouse.

        At games I strive to win. We are 3-0. We won 3 games and we lost 0 games. Last year we lost 1 game and we won like 12, the streak is still continuing with this season. We have really good players on our team as well so that is really cool too because good players equals a good team.

        My coach always said success is a choice. He also said practice makes PERMANENT not perfect because nobody’s perfect at anything but if you work hard it becomes permanent. That’s my American Dream, What’s yours? 


  • Nice story Ginny it was awesome

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