I was sorting my candy and then suddenly…

It was October 31st at 8:30 pm. I had just got back from trick or treating. I was sorting my candy, but suddenly a tall man with a pillowcase sash and one of those jack o’ lantern buckets that you get at the dollar store on his head suddenly appeared.

“Trick or treat,” he said in a grim voice. it was the Halloween god here for my candy.


“Let’s make a deal,” he said. “If you beat me at a game of UNO you can have your candy, but if you lose…” he said with an evil grin on his face, “your candy, ALL OF IT.”

“Fine,” I said with a smirk on my face. He doesn’t know I am the champion at UNO. He shuffles the deck as I wait he lays out the cards. We play for around 30 minutes until I’m down to my last card. It’s a wildcard. I play my card. I win and keep my candy.

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  • I realy like candy I think it’s funny that you yelled “You’ll never take my candy”.

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