What Makes A Good Book Worth Reading??

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        What makes a book worth reading is a book that makes you feel like you are in the book, and if you like the synopsis of the book on the back, or on the inside cover of the front of the book. If you like it, keep reading it! If you don’t, flip to the middle page and read the left page. If you like it, you know it will be a good book, and start reading it! If not, then put the book back on the shelf of the library, and find a different book! That is what makes a good book for me, I hope you can find a book you like!


        Also, keep reading books! If you like one author, don’t stop reading his/her books! If you don’t like any author now, find a book that you might enjoy! If you enjoy that authors books, don’t stop reading them! You might not like an authors books, but just give them a chance. If you don’t like a book at the beginning, keep reading it until you like it. If you still don’t like it, just abandon the book. It’s alright if you abandon it, just get a new one! The world is not going to end! That is what I think is a good book!!😋


        How I can also tell what is a good book, and what is a “junk food” books is the reading level!! If a book is to easy for you then pick a book that is on, or above your level. That is why I  always pick good books because I know which books are challenging, on my level, or below. Well, it’s good to read “junk food” books now and then if there is a book you love that is under your level! Also, its ok to read a book that is above you level to sometimes though to see what the grade above you is reading. It is also good to try different books to so you have multiple favorite authors! For example: My favorite authors are Rachel Renée Russell (Author of the Dork Diaries series) and Shannon Hale (Author of Real Friends).                                                                                                                                             

        So, what I’m trying to say is, what will the world be without books? Well, picture this, everybody miserable all the time, very bored, and always asking their teacher, “What do I do when I’m finished with my work?” and the teacher saying, “Uhhhhhhh………… work some more? I don’t know. …” What would you do, in a world, without books?!



  • I Agree Neveah, The book should sometimes pull you into reading it.When you were talking about the author of “Dork Diaries”,or “Real friends”, I can really relate to that . My book “Refugee” is by Alan Gratz, and he wrote another book called “Projekt 1065”, I love the author’s books.I love reading what he writes. I think that is good reason on how to recognize Great Books.

    • Thank you! I also read Refugee and its a really good book! What other books have you read that we interesting?

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