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I think a book that is worth reading is when not only does the title look good but it sounds good too. Like the inside of the book also appeals to you and intrigues you . You could also look for the kind of genre you like. So now it will be easier to not spend hours in the library trying to find a book.

When I find a great book, I recommend it to people like my friends, family, teachers, and peers .Most of the time they read them. Sometimes I write book reports and post things on sites like Write About. I also read it over and over if I don’t get it.

Some great books I recommend are Hello Universe, Long walk to Water,and Restart. I also hope you are able to find some good books at the library,at your school, and at your house library.



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  • I also agree that the book has to appeal to you inorder for you to be interested in it.Is it possible to add more details to the first paragraph? Why do you think that Hellow universe, A long walk to water and Restart are all good books? I think that you did a great job on saying that the book has to appeal too you and that is the right genre.

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