How to recognize a great book!

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What makes a book worth reading?…..Well, a book worth reading usually has a great story to it or a great plot. It also has some interesting parts or it could be from a movie there are lots of different reasons it could just even be from the pictures that make it great.  Most books also have a synopsis which tells you about the book.




We should spread awareness about great books so everyone can enjoy the book and realize how great it can be. Spreading awareness about great books will encourage others to read that book and who knows it could get the Newbery award.




Well a great book is just a book that you can read and enjoy it but… a great book makes you feel like you’re in the book witnessing the story for yourself. Or it just has amazing pictures like a comic. It could also be challenging for you. Which could make it a great book in your own opinion.
The books I recommend.
1. Crenshaw My  thoughts,

I Thought this book was a really great and a sad story about a boy with money,food, and family problems at one point a boy named Jackson the main character starts to see his imaginary friend that he lost when he was seven. The imaginary friend is named Crenshaw who is a giant black and white fluffy, bubble bath taking, acrobatics, insanely adorable cat who is also five times the size of Jackson who is 10 now.

Basically Jackson and his family gets kicked out of their apartment because they can’t pay the rent and have to live in their minivan for 14 weeks. Luckily Jackson’s mom who has a friend who owns a pancake shop  so they stay there for a night and eat a lot of burnt pancakes at a restaurant. At a certain part they find themselves at a police officer that tells them a whole bunch food kitchens are and places for them to sleep. It was a little sad they couldn’t go to any of those places because they have a dog named Aritha who is 4 months old. Jackson’s dad will not admit that his family has failed, so they go to a corner of a highway, Jackson’s dad rips a piece of cardboard, and asks for money. They get some lemon cake and $160.

Jackson’s dad takes Jackson’s sister and him to a new school in a place called Swanlake, a small peaceful town, until they have to move again.


  1. The whole Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Is about a kid named Greg Heffley and he talks about his life and all the things that happen or that he wishes that would happen. This series is by Jeff Kinney and I really think you should look at all of his books.


  1. I recommend all the books written by Roald Dahl. I especially loved James And The Giant Peach. This book was my all time favorite that he has written. I especially loved the movie. I give this book a five out of five star rating and I hope that you would find an interest in this book.


  1. James Patterson. He has made the Middle School Get Me Out Of Here books and a lot more. You should really look into his books for entertainment and excitement.

Don’t forget everyone. READING IS GREAT SO NEVER STOP!!!!

If you love the book don’t let anyone’s opinion make you hate it, because a book you love is a book you should cherish.

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