How do we recognize great books?

How do we recognize great books?

How can I tell the difference between a great book and a good book?


       A good book is,


A good book is a book that does not pull you into it and it is kind of  interesting but at the same time it is boring. Also a good book can be a book that is not in your level, for example a dr.seuss

Those books  would be good for  you if you  are under 5.

A great book is,

A great book is a book that interests you very much. Also a great book pulls you into it and you won’t want to stop reading it. A great book should mostly be at  your level, but sometimes you can find a great book that is a graphic novel or a book that is like biscuit books. If you are older you should read more books like Harry Potter or Echo. Also a great book is a book that is about something that should be about what you like doing or you like reading. So if you like sad books like dog books when the dog dies in the end. Or even if you like books that are sad like the book Out of my Mind or like book Wonder.


So Ii think that this is how you find the difference between a good book. So what do you think that a good book is? What do you think a great book is?