Why Zombies Can Make Great Pets

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Hi, my name is Kristen and I am here today to try and sell you the newest pet and possibly the best pet, a zombie.  Know what your most likely thinking, won’t it eat me. But my answer to that is no, it will not eat you. Well I hope not. Today I am just going to share the top seven best reasons. The first reason is that they will be the greatest bodyguard because if they like you they will do almost anything for you. If someone is bothering you they will walk right up to them and eat them, problem solved! The second reason is they make great companions, you can go on walks with them and they are great at sports. You can also train them! The third reason why is your siblings won’t bother you. You can just call in your pet zombie to scare them off, chances are they will not be annoying anymore. The fourth reason I have is they can do your homework. They are great at math and any other subject you could think of. If they are not the smartest zombie you can just tell your teacher, the zombie ate my homework. They will be to confused to ask any questions. The fifth reason is they do not need to go to the vet, they lose a arm they will just put it right back on and zombies never get sick. The sixth reason why they will never die because they are already dead. But, if you do get sick of them just give it back to the store. They are returnable! The last reason is they will love you and always be there for you, unless they get hungry then you better run and hide so they won’t…  I think you know what I mean.       

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