Life Cycle Of Salmon

Using the information from your research, write an informational paragraph explaining the life cycle of salmon. Remember to cite your sources and fully explain each stage.

        Have ever wondered what a life cycle of salmon would be like. The first stage is the eggs. The mother salmon lay thousands of eggs. The father of the baby salmon has to guard them for about a week. The second stage is the alevins this stage is when they get out of there eggs and have a yolk sack and stay in gravel for a few years. The third stage is the fry. Yes I what your think your thinking of the fry that you eat. Well in that case that not the fry i’m talking about. The fry is the third stage of the salmon this is when they emerge from the gravel and start there thousands of mile journey to the ocean. The fourth stage is the Fingerling yes I know your thinking of the one that goes on your finger but its not it’s actually the stage salmon travel thousands of miles and several die at every dam by bigger fish.  The fifth stage is the smolts, this is when they adapt to the salt water and after being in salt water they cannot go back to fresh water for a while.  The sixth stage and the last stage of salmon is the adult stage.  This is when most salmon die it is a real struggle to survive with so many predators and then dying right after giving birth.  This life cycle repeats all over again with the new salmon born after their parents die.  I hope you had fun learning about salmon.