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I had a small garden in the yard.  It was very green and neat. I loved gardening since i was a child.  It started from me playing land and planting chili’s tree. I was happy when I saw the tree growing up.


One upon a time,  I planted tomatoes in my little garden.  I chosen tomatoes because it was easy and  benefitly.  The first step,  I prepared the tools and materials such as mattock, water,  seed tomatoes, and manure. After that,  I cleaned and dug the land from weeds until suitable for farming. Then I putted the seed in the deep land. Finally, I watered the seeds every day.  It was the great activity for me cause I found new experince.


The favorite moment of gardening, when I looked the plant blooming. I witnessed changes in the plant, it grown slowly, from the origin of sprouts to mature plants. Even though I didn’t see the movement directly. I have tried to always keep the plants fertile. But I did not like the moment of flowering plants. Because it was an uplifting thing. flowering determined if it worked it will become fruit but if it didn’t work then the tree had not fruit.


Maybe many people have thought that gardening was not useful, but actually it provided many benefits for physical, mental, health and many more. Gardening gave me a lesson for patience, diligence, and strong. That moment also made me realize to enjoy the process. I got many value from gardenging, So It was the best experience.



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Arsyi, Fitria, Lutfiah, and Mira S.

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