My weekend with the new class pet.

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        ”Good Morning class.” Mr. Wood said. ” I have a surprise for you. We are getting a class pet.” ”Yay” The class said all together. ”So who wants to take it home?” Mr. Wood said. I was the only one who raised my hand. ” OK Lillian. You get to take it home. Oh I forgot to mention this but the one who takes it home gets to name it.” 

        The next morning I woke up to the sound of chewing ” Zoe! You woke me up.” I said. Last night I convinced my parents to let me keep Zoe in my room. I also named her Zoe. 

        All day we played and had lots of fun. We played hide and seek, tag and bowling. When I went to bed that night I wished I didn’t have to take her back.

        At school the next day I announced that our hedgehogs name was Zoe. I also explained how much fun we had and how nice of a pet she was. I told the teacher how much I enjoyed playing with her and I told him I would do it anytime.

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