I think whether you’re the youngest or oldest, there are pros and cons. If you’re the oldest, you have a lot of responsibility, but you also get more privileges. If you’re the youngest you get to be the ”baby” longer but you also have more people telling you what to do.

I was the older sibling growing up. I have one sister who is 5 years younger than me. One of my favorite things about being the oldest was that I feel like I got to be a little kid for longer. Even when I was ”too old” to do things like play Barbies, my little sister still wanted me to play with her. Especially because she was much younger than me, I got to do all the little kid things all over again with her.

Sometimes I do wish I was the youngest, though. I feel like my sister got away with a lot more growing up because she was the ”baby”. Also, she got to be a ”pretend” only child for awhile when I went away to college.

The only thing I would NOT want is to be an only child. Even though we fought sometimes, I love having a sibling and I think life would have been a lot more boring without her.

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  • I liked when you said that you got to be a kid again when you played with your sister.

  • I liked what you said about feeling like a little kid all over again.

  • I wish that me and my brother is like you and your sister because me and him fight a lot and I wish I was the only kid.

  • It was good and I could understand everything.

  • Yea being the youngest is kinda boring because you get bosses around more and the older one get to have more privileges.

  • It is true when people call you a “baby” and they tell you what to do. And the oldest is sometimes mean.

  • I agree with being the oldest is the best too! I also think that you live your childhood longer when you have a younger sister or brother. I have 2 younger cousins and I always like to play with them (especially since one is a boy) so they don’t feel lonely.

  • I feel like you should explain more about why you wouldn’t want to be an only child, but other than that it was good :)

  • I really like when you quoted certain words like pretend or baby.

  • This is a good paragraph it has a whole bunch of good details it has good explaining .

  • I think this writing is awesome because it included all the details it needed like saying why you would not like to be the only child.

  • This story/passage is good and I can relate to this cause I have a twin sister and we always fight and i know how it feels when you are in an argument with you twinning oldest sister. This was a good one but one thing is what is one thing you both don’t like?

  • I would not want to be the only child either cause it would be boring even though she is annoying.

  • I’m the olest too.I’ve never wanted to be the only child .I have two little sisters.I love both of them.

  • I think you did a very well job MRS. A but I would want to learn more about your siblings or sibling but it was very well written but I would like to see more detail.

  • I’m the oldest child too and to be honest it kind of sucks because my parents expect more from me and their more on me then my little brothers On the other hand it can be fun sometimes because I can get some privileges a little more then them.

  • I wouldn’t want be the only child either

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