This list was done in 3 minutes…… #3minutechallege

  1. Make this list
  2. run around
  3. make a snowman
  4. get dressed
  5. read a page from a book
  6. run downstairs
  7. play 1 on 1
  8. Fill a water bottle up
  9. Login on my Chromebook
  10. sing a song
  11. eat
  12. do my hair
  13. brush my teeth
  14. make my bed
  15. wash dishes

Lets see if you can come up with a longer list in under 3 minutes…. Its harder thank you think


  • 1 wake up
    2 brush teeth
    3 take out the trash
    4 wake up brother
    5 sweep living room
    6 take a walk
    7 do dishes
    8 eat breakfast
    9 get on bus
    10 come to school on time
    11 do work
    12 go to next hour
    13 do more work
    14 get on bus again
    15 make this list.
    Phew in 2 mins see if you can top it!

    • It has to be 3 minutes and it can be longer. You should make a post about it.

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