death is coming

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here we are telling a story so lets get started once upon a time there was a woods and a girl named jordin was looking for her cat. the cat went missing yesterday while she was at school. so while the cat was roaming around the house like usual he heard the door open and he sprinted to it but is wasn’t jordin :o it was a burglar and the cat attacked the burglar the cat chased him to the woods and the cat got lost and over night the wolves ate the cat…

….later that day jordin came home from school and she could not find her cat she went out to the forest to find her but when she called she still didn’t come then jordin got scared she ran in the woods very deep in the woods and found her cats head on the ground she tried to find her house but could not find her house she ran for a day looking then she got reported missing and that she was 12 and lived in Colorado and she wasn’t found for three days. when she was found she was crazy and she killed 5 cops with a bow she a made out of sticks and fur. when she came back she never was the same she wouldn’t go to school she ran away made a note and has been living in sugar loaf forest for 5 years she still may be alive. 


  • could you write one from the cats perspective? just asking, i really like the story ether way!

    • ya sure what should i name it

        • no im talking to hannah

  • im currently working on the third death is coming i just posted the second after i post the third i will work on the cats point of view

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