The Hardest Things

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I think the hardest thing to do while getting back into a school schedule is waking up early. I always hated having to get up at 7:20 AM in elementary school but now I have to get up at 6:15 AM. I’m even tired while writing this post. I wake up to see my water bottle but the water is evaporated.I always hesitate to get out of bed. I put on my clothes and slam dunk my laundry into the basket. Then I slowy stomp up the steps, my feet making a loud *thud* *thud* *thud*. I swipe the jar of vitamins of the counter and dump two into my hand. After that, I pretty much just go down the stairs at exactly 0.2 miles per hour (I’m exaggerating) to vigorously brush my teeth. Then I drop school supplies into my backpack, get my shoes and coat on, and im ready to go. Finaly, its time… to walk down to the bus stop in 30 degree weather and wait 15 minutes in the cold for the bus to get there. So, in conclusion, I hate waking up so early because everything just goes slow. Very, VERY, slow. See ya later.

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Post Privacy Published on January 10 | Life at School
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