Do i desagree or agree and why

I agree because you won’t go anywhere in life if you just sit around and do nothing.You have to chase your dream and if it is a sport you want to do you have to get good grades. And in order to get good grades you have to study.And when you read you can learn things from what you read. If you want to be a teacher you would have to study hard and go to colllage and realy study hard about what subject you want to teach to other peolpe or sudents.And the more you learn the more things you will be able to do like go on vacation and buy funiture for you house.And i think this qoute is a good message for people in life who struggle and it would be a good message.I also Agree that the mor you study the more you will learn and the more you will learn the more places you will be able to go.

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