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Authors note: I love the movies, especially when it is a movie you really wanted to see. Hi, this is Mason Lloyd the author of the Fantasia Island trilogy here on write about. Today I have a very enchanted story for you. Olivia and Jake are siblings who never get along, they fight about everything, food, rooms, money, everything from light up shower heads to wedding dresses. One day they decide to go to the movies together. They walk in to find nobody there. The take there seats as the previews start to roll. But when the actual movie starts to play, the choice is up to them to either stay in there seats of ride into…the screen.



Chapter 1: The Arguing

“Give it to me!!” Jake bickered at his sister who was lying on the ground twiddling her thumbs.

“I…Don’t…HAVE IT!!!!!!!!” Olivia yelled as she started to stand up.

” I saw you, open my wallet, take out the money, and PUT IT IN YOUR OWN!!!!!!”

“Just admit that you are desperate for money, so you FAKED me stealing it, so you CAN GET SOME OF MINE!!!”


“For the thousandth time I don’t, HAVE IT!!! I’m going to the mall, I cant stand anymore stupidity from my dweeb brother.” Olivia said with sass to Jake.

“Fine!” Jake yelled back. This was one of the many arguments they have had. They were born on the same day with Olivia being 4 and 1/2 Minutes older than Jake, but she acts like its by 4 and 1/2 YEARS.

Later on in the day, Olivia returned from the Mall with Tons upon TONS of bags. Jake came tumbling down the stairs, as usual. He would come when he heard the door open, he always thinks that it is his mom and dad finally returning home. Their parents left soon after birth and they were gifted to their grandmother, who passed a couple years later. Jake still believes that it is possible that they will return, but Olivia lost hope when there grandmother died. After that, Olivia got a job at the McDonald’s down the road. It was at a walking distance and they needed to keep their house, so she pitched in and got a job, making barley enough to stay in the house. The house was small, in a neighborhood with other small houses. It was a cream off-white shade, with black shutters and shingles.

“UGGHHHH!!! What do you want, dweeb.” Olivia snorted.

“I thought it was Mom and Dad.” Jake exclaimed.

” UGH!! GIVE UP!! There is no chance that Mom and/or Dad are going to come back! It’s been over 15 years. We have to take care of ourselves, and I cant afford to loose you if your head cracks open from always falling down the stairs every time you here this!!” Olivia opened and slammed the door so that it echoed continuously throughout the small house.

“Look!! I’m sorry Okay, but I still have hope. You say that you need to take care of me because you are older but in actuality you crush my dreams like a bug in the kitchen.” Jake said as a tear slowly fell down is eye. He stormed upstairs and slammed his door shut. Olivia threw her bags on the kitchen counter fell onto the couch and screamed into one of the pillows. Jake was crying listening to what she was doing sitting just outside of his door.


Chapter 2: The Birthday

The next day Jake never left his room, and the next day. On the day he finally came out it had been 3 days. Olivia, trying to make sure her overdramatic little brother didn’t starve to death, always left some food outside of his door. She never heard him open it, but every time she went upstairs, there was an empty plate at the foot of his door. Olivia was sleeping with the sun shining in her room. Jake walked toward the pant-ere when he saw something on the table. His puzzled face said it all. His glasses weren’t on so he couldn’t see anything. All he saw was a note and 3 green slips. He ran upstairs and put on his glasses, slamming the Glasses case shut so that it made Olivia wake up in a cold sweat. He ran back downstairs and read the note…

“Dear Jake,

Good morning you little dweeb, today is a very special day. It is Your Birthday,” Jake read before actually realizing the fact that it was his birthday. He kept reading…

“And for your birthday I have a little surprise for you. You and I will go to the new theater that just opened down the street “The NewVic Theater” and go see the latest movie. Next to this note is $300 left from my paycheck from work. You and I will spend this at 5 places inducing the movie and the other 4 being your choice. Happy Birthday Jake.

Love, Olivia”

Jake looked next to the letter and saw the 3 $100 bills. Jake was at a loss for words. He dropped the note on the table and ran upstairs. He burst into Olivia’s room and saw that her vanity light was on in her bathroom. Jake ran to the bathroom and hugged Olivia, who was half way done with her makeup.

”THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!” Jake yelled to Olivia who was still proceeding with doing her makeup.

”Go get dressed.” she said with a monotone voice.

”Why? I mean, we have all day.”

”Jake, look, we are both fifteen, we don’t go to school, we don’t know how to drive. My friends Mom is going to be here any minute to drive us to the sub way. We will start by going to the four places that you want and then Finish with the movie that starts at six. Get your clothes on, and put the money in your pocket. Oh, Happy Birthday BTW.” Olivia stated.

Jake ran to his room right across the hallway and put on what ever he could find. He grabbed his wallet off of his night stand and ran mid way down the stairs, (He fell for the second half). Olivia had made herself some oatmeal and was slowly eating while scrolling on Instagram. Jake put the money in his wallet and put it in his pocket. The doorbell rang, and Olivia answered. It was Olivia’s best Friend Sarah.

” Hey, you called saying you need a ride to the subway?”

“Yes, that would be great” Olivia stated.

Jake slipped on his slides and left the house. Olivia called shotgun forcing Jake and Sarah to sit in the back. The car was silent for the entire ride. Nothing was heard accept for the radio, and the steady breathing of the people around you. When they arrived at the subway, Jake immediately ran into Game stop for his first of the 4 places that he could choose to go. Olivia Thanked Sarah and her mom and went off into the store.


Chapter 3: The Theater

Jake and Olivia were carrying what felt likes Tons of stuff, from video games, to gift cards. He bought a suitcase too, and he put all of  his stuff in it, smart kid. They plopped on the city bus and drove to the newest theater to see the newest movie. They arrived at the theater and they filed out like salmon up stream. They walked in to the theater and no one was there, not even any employees. Jake went back outside and double checked the sign, it was illuminated and said in large letters ”OPEN“. Olivia and Jake got there candy and popcorn and left the money on the counter. The tickets said to go into theater #1, so they did. They walked for a while and realized lots of peculiar things about this theater.

#1: The Theater was 100% completely empty,

#2: They were walking for a while and the theaters were counting down from 15 at the place they started. But as they got down to 2, it skipped #1 and instead started counting down from theater #198509

#3 When they finally made it to theater one, there was no door to let you in, instead you had to climb up stairs and complete a riddle to go into the theater. The riddle was People buy me to eat, but never eat me, What am I? The answer is silver ware.

After all of this they finally plopped into there seats. They turned and faced each other and simply stared off into the distance until the movie tape started to roll. They opened their candy in the empty theater and as soon as the movie started to play. Jake was too focused on the movie to realize that Olivia…disappeared.


Chapter 4: The Movie

Jake stopped and screamed. He looked on screen and saw a weird stream starting to come at him. He didn’t mind it until he realized that the movie was not a 3D movie. It must have been an inch away from his face when he jumped up and ran to the empty back row. the stream continued to follow him, when he moved, it moved. He ran all the way around the theater and stopped right under the screen. He didn’t notice the 2nd stream slowly descending from the screen onto his head. A Flash of light burst throughout the theater and Jake was sucked into the screen.

Jake opened his eyes and saw nothing but white. The room was huge and was completely white all around. He turned to his side and saw a big mirror. He walked closer to the mirror until something happened. The mirror turned into a window the closer you got. He looked out into the theater and saw himself next to his sister, eating popcorn and watching the movie. He turned as a slight tear fell down his cheek. He was scared.

He was abruptly grabbed and shuffled against his will by a person in a cloak. He tugged and tugged, but he couldn’t break loose.

“LET GO OF ME YOU NASTY THING!” he screamed.

The person pulled a cloth out of his pocket and tied it around Jake’s eyes. He then took a second cloth coated with some sort of liquid that was put against his mouth. Not a minute later, Jake passed out.

Jake opened his eyes to blackness. He proceeded to getup and take off the blindfold. When he did…his jaw dropped. He was no longer surrounded by white, but inside of an oak hut with sun shinning in through the door. Jake walked outside and he simply stood there in shock of what he saw. A beautiful sunny blue sky, with no clouds in sight. He looked down towards the horizon and saw rolling hills and mountains all covered with grass and a huge verity of flowers. He turned to walk back into the hut, still barely moving, when he noticed the mysterious cloaked figure. Jake walked up to the figure and said,

“Hello. I’m Jake. Do you know where I am? And have you seen my sister? Tall, brown hair, looks 16 but is actually 15 like me. Have you seen her?”

The mysterious figure glanced up at Jake and reached to take the cloak off. She grabbed her hood and peeled it back slowly. It was Olivia.

“Olivia!!!” Jake screamed before immediately running up and hugging her. Olivia smiled and hugged him back.

Olivia pulled Jake away from her body and asked to show him something. Jake responded,


Olivia stood up, grabbed Jake’s hand and left the hut. Olivia started to climb up the mountain that the hut stood on and told Jake a little bit of what just happened.

“Jake, I was first sucked in here to you, 5 min ago, but to me…It has been a couple of months. I have been living with a tribe who found me and took me in. They provided me food and water all in exchange for me making them clothes and for me to help with chores in the village. A few weeks later I heard a very familiar voice. It was so familiar, but yet, I felt like I have never heard it before. I walked to the hut were the voice was coming from. I opened the door and saw a very familiar person. The hut was a spa, and they needed me to give them my information. And so told them Olivia Pierce, age 15 and twin brother to Jake Pierce. Orphaned since birth when our parents left us. 2843, Bishop Ave Portage MI 49002. As soon as I said that, this girl stood up and starred at me. It was the familiar girl. She ran up to me and hugged me. I was shocked. I grabbed her hand and pulled it off my shoulder. She began to cry and said firmly, ”I’m your mother Liv!”. I teared up and hugged her back.  I am taking you to see her right now.”

”….That is  a long story, but super cool!! I told you that they would come back.” Jake responded

”Well they didn’t necessarily come back, we came to them.”


Chapter 5: The Credits

A few hours past and Jake plus Olivia were asking there mother how they got here.

“A week after your birth Jake, me and Your Father went on a date to the Wonder Theater. I guess, we got sucked into the screen.”

“So did we.” Jake and Olivia said in unison.

“And when I was sucked up, your father ran away and left me here.”

“But Mom, if Olivia was here for 5 min for me, but 5 months for her. And You’ve been in here for 14 years, How long have you been here?” Jake asked

“I hate to say it, but no one grows up here and I think that is why I look almost exactly the same as when you were born. I have been here for along time. This is going to sound crazy, but, I’ve been here for…98 years.” There mother said with sadness.

Jake and Olivia looked at her in shock.

A few minutes passed when Jake realized something. if they were sucked into the screen, then the movie they went to see must happen in real life. Jake glanced over the village and saw Olivia and there mother who were having a spa day. Jake got up from his seat and walked towards the spa. When he arrived the girls were already packing up to leave. Jake looked at Olivia and said,

“What movie did we go to see?”

Olivia responded, “The War of Artak, why?”

Her mothers heart sank. She guided them outside and pointed to a sign. The sign read,

“Welcome to…Artak”

Olivia and Jake’s face turned as pale as a ghost. They immediately warned every one, including the head chief of the city. Everyone was frightened.

“Calm down, calm down. We will do all of the preparations and procedures that we practiced for the attack if and when it happens. This news will frighten all of you and I’m sure that we will not go into war. Calm yourself and I’ll talk to the delinquents about this.” Jake told this to the chief and he could translate it into the language that they speak. I which the chief told them,

“Uklidněte se, uklidněte se. Uděláme všechny přípravy a postupy, které jsme k útoku cvičili, kdykoli a kdy se to stane. Tato zpráva vás všechny vystraší a jsem si jist, že nebudeme do války. Uklidni se a budeme o tom s delikventy mluvit.” Said the chief, he translated the passage from there language.

Olivia and there mother were already stitching together iron suits for the men in war to wear. Every body was preparing for the big attack. The war was tragic, and the story that happened to Artak, was made into a documentary. This is a section from it.

“2015. A bomb struck the town of Artak in the pitch of night. Out of the population of 1,500, only 7 survived. The war began and the only remaining people of Artak were forced to surrender. They were put into slavery. The bombing of Artak is one of the worlds tragic events. We wish that all of the people who died in the bombing rest in peace. They all weren’t expecting it, and only 2 of the 7 survivor were wearing there armor. Some helpful visitors helped make the armor, but none thought to wear it at night. The bomb of Artak was a very deadly moment. At exactly 1:13 am, a bomb struck the east side of the city. The chief was the first one to be reported as dead, and the bomb nearly landed on his hut. On the west side of the city, a simple fire started and many escaped there houses. At 1:54 am, a second bomb struck the center of the city. This is when many people died.” said the documentary. Now as for Jake and Olivia. There mother was one of those who died in the bombing. They hid from the Ratisian soldiers, the enemy tribe who dropped the bombs, and escaped just barely.

”Jake, Jake, JAKE? WHERE ARE YOU?” Olivia screamed still crying at this tragic events. The fire raged behind her. She was frightened. Her face was covered in ash, and she could barley breath from all of the smoke. She turned and saw a boy facing the flames of the city, of course she could only see his silhouette. She ran up the the little boy and thrust-ed him around by his shoulder to turn him. To her surprise, it was Jake, sobbing

”Jake whats wrong?”

”……AAAAHHHHHHHHH HUH HUH, I cant hold in my tears…LOOK!!!” Jake said crying his eyes out. He pointed to a spot on the floor and Olivia looked towards it. Olivia started balling with tears. On the floor in front of them lye a crisp dead women that was as black with ash like the night sky. There mother, lead cooked and dead before them, this time, In real life, and not any orphanage theory. Olivia, still crying, dragged Jake away, Jake pulled away from her trying to break from her pull.

”MOM, MOMMY, MOM, NOOOOOOO  huh huh, AHHHHH huh huh!!!” Jake yelled as they disappeared in the dark night.


Chapter 6: The End

Olivia and Jake walked for days and days on end, no sleep, no water, but some cooked fish every so often. They had walked for so long, they made it back to were they could only see white. Jake jumped with excitement and began to run out of focus from Olivia. Olivia simply stood there in silence.

”Jake?” Olivia said eventually.

Jake slowly lured back into focus and snatched Olivia’s hand. Jake dragged her before she caught up to her speed. The world was so white, you couldn’t see the walls. Jake and Olivia eventually reached what seemed like a giant mirror.Jake continued to run to the mirror. Olivia let go. She didn’t want to run into the wall. Jake ran closer and closer and right before he hit the mirror, he jumped and flew straight through it. The Mirror wobbled back with no scars left behind. Olivia slowly crept closer and closer to the mirror. She bucked up the courage and ran straight for the Mirror. She flew through it and back into the Wonder theater. Jake was sitting in a seat and his clothes had changed into the clothes he was wearing when he entered the theater.

Olivia was pleased and they walked back down the long hallway, down the flight of stars. Across the maze, and back down the hallway of theaters ranging from one to #19479278509. And they both lived happily ever after.

The End








  • That is LONG

    • I Know. 😁

    • thats what she siad

      • that is also not how you spell siad it is said

  • My brothers are actually 4 and a half minutes apart when they were born, so, yeah, the birthdays that they have are kinda strange.

    • WoW!! Cool, and sorta Freaky. 😀😋

    • is this true tho

  • I lost all of my brain cells reading this bc it has loads of words.

    • This is my largest story!!! Over 3.000 words in it.

  • This was amazing! a ride from start to finish!

    • Thank You very much!

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