What makes people so afraid of rodents?

I think what makes people so afraid of rodents is that everyone talks bad about them, at least the majority of people do. Most things you’ll hear people say about rodents isn’t true. What gave rodents such a bad reputation is that they steal. Most rodents steal since they are small omnivores with no way of killing something for food. You may have seen a video of a rodent killing one of its own kind, that can happen for many reasons, they are hungry, they are dominant, or they are simply not liking the apposing rodent. Rodents will likely find a way into someones house for protection, warmth, and food. One of the best pets for starter kids is actually rodents, because they are easy to care for, and they like people. Awhile ago i used to have a pet rat, which i would recommend getting one. The only thing that isn’t good about having a pet rodent is that they don’t live very long. Rodents can usually live anywhere from 2-5 years, some more.

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Post Privacy Published on January 08 | General Ideas
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