Shiva’s Story

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        Hi, I’m Shiva and I am a survivor of my tiger clan. This is my story… I was just a little cub, a runt in my family, but my mom never rejected me, I always heard that the runt would be rejected by families but my mom told me that I was special. I never got to play with my cousins or siblings just because I was a runt, so my mom taught and played with me instead. She told me one day, “Shiva, you are not like anyone else, you are kind, loving, caring, and respectful. Every one of the tiger adults, especially the elders, love you. The other little cubs are not like you, they do not care, they are not kind, loving, and respectful. When you grow up, you will do many wonders.” After my mother said that, I thought and thought, I will always remember what she said, but will I do wonders for the whole animal kingdom? I have heard that there are enemies out there such as the two-legs. I have heard many awful cruel stories about them. One story was that they came one moon ago and destroyed our habitat, they killed many tigers just for our beautiful fur! I was mad, and I promised myself that I would kill all of the two-legs in the world. But my wise mother came and said, “Revenge is not the answer to anything my dear Shiva, only paying back kindness is the answer.” I kept that in my mind. When my mom went to the den for some meeting with our tribe I went to my private hill that I always go to when I want to think. 

        “Shiva, Shiva!” My eyes flew open to see my mom right in front of me. “Wake up little one!” I didn’t realize that I fell asleep. “Mom… I didn’t…” “Shhhh, I saw you when you fell asleep.” My mother picked me up and carried me back to our lair. I didn’t tell her about a dream that I dreamt, I did want to tell her but only when the time was right, Maybe I can tell her when we get to the den. We finally got to the den, “Mother, I have something to tell you.” “Go ahead tell me.” “I had this dream, and I can’t figure it out. I was in the den, with the family and I saw this creature it was shaped like one of us but it was bigger and I couldn’t make out what type of cat it was. It didn’t have orange fur or black stripes.” My mother looked at me and said, “It is true! One day the king of cats and all the other cats around the world will come for a grand meeting. The king is the lion, his name is Kovu and he is the wisest most greatest cat kings in the world, his family comes from a country called Ethiopia.” I marveled at what she said. I said good bye to my mother and went deeper into the cave to where many different rooms were. I saw my father laughing with his friends in the break room, I sat beside him, not knowing what was going to happen.

       I heard the danger alarm go off, my dad ran to me saying, “Shiva, quick go into the safety part of the cave with your mother, the elders, the tigress’, and the cubs! And stay there!” I ran to the secret part of the cave wondering why we had to stay there. I found everyone there all except for my father and the other tigers. My mother told me what was happening, “Our enemies, they have come.” “Which ones?” I asked curiously. “The wild dogs.” Then all of a sudden we heard the wild dogs come near the safety part of the cave. The tigress’ said for us all to be quiet. I asked myself, Where are the tigers? Shouldn’t they be fighting? The females seemed to know what was going on, and the cubs! Why don’t they ever tell me anything? “Shiva,” my mom was calling me into the secret part’s room, “I know you want to know why the males aren’t fighting, it’s because they are setting an ambush, they should be in the meeting room.” The meeting room! That’s where all the secrets are planned! Why would they want to ambush them there and not out here? Sometimes, I think that our family is strange and crazy. At last I heard the beautiful sound of the wild dogs yelp in pain! Well, it wasn’t a beautiful sound but we were happy that the dogs were starting to fall into their trap. Then we heard silence. “Is it over?” My sibling Tina asked. Then we heard my father said, “It’s over!” We all rushed out of the hiding place and asked what had happened. My family slept soundly that night. We were going to plan a huge party for all the male tigers that fought against the wild dogs. I thought I heard some two-leg voices but I was so tired that I thought it was my imagination.  

        It was morning and I found myself all by myself in the cave but deeper and hidden. I slowly walked out to find all of my clan dead. “MOM!! MOM!!” I screamed out, no answer but I did hear a tiger cry out in pain, I ran to see who it was. It was my mother. “Shiva, the two-legs have raided the place and killed almost everybody. I ran to safety but cut my leg on the way. But before that I had to take you to safety.” I felt like I was going to cry, but I had to keep strong, “Thank you mother for risking your life to save mine. Here let me take care of that wound.” I felt that my mom was smiling. I went to go get some moss and soak it in the freshwater that was near by. I saw a coconut and took it. I went by the stream soaked the moss and filled the coconut with water. I saw a young fawn near by but I didn’t want to kill it because I know that all young animals have mothers. I waited for a long time, but the mother never came. So, I went to sniff the baby fawn without it knowing then I went to look for the mother. I saw the mother dead. I grabbed it by the neck and dragged it all the way back to the cave. My mom thanked me for the meat and I told her that I still had more things for her. I went to get the moss and the coconut bowl full of water and brought it back. My mom drank the water and ate the leg of the doe. I also to care of her wound. I got some clean green leaves, a strong stick, and a strong vine. I put on the stick, then covered it with the leaves and tied it up with the vine. My mom was thankful.

Few Years Later

        I am grown up now. My mom is alive and well. Her wound has been healed. I have learned to hunt, take care of wounds worst then my mothers a few years back, and learned to fight. “Shiva! We are low on food supplies! Can you hunt our usual please?” “Sure mom!” I yelled back. I walked around until I saw the perfect meal, I nice big fat wild ox. I snuck up to it very quietly and then I pounced on it and killed it. I dragged it over to the den where my mom was surprised and happy to have a good meal. I went to hunt some more animals, and guess what! I brought home 10 animals, well 11 including that ox. My mom and I leaved happily for a long time until she got sick and died. I went out to find a mate, I did. His name was Darien. I had 2 cubs, their names were Shira and Dante. I still am living a good and happy life. I will be until I die.

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