One Word ( Important )

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One Word of my life ( Important )

The word important means to me a lot because every time I go out with my friends or family I start thinking how important right now is to make new friends, Focus on your goals, Do something creative instead of wasting your time like crazy. So the word “important” realizes me a lot about my right focus or you can say the things which help me get focus instead of wasting time outside. I am not saying going out with friends is bad but spending equal time with your friends and family or with yourself is a good and a nice habit to make as you go through your life. I have not experienced a lot from my life but I experienced one thing which is teamwork like when you doing a project for school or something for your career it doesn’t matter but making a good team matters with people who really are important to you in your life. I not only like sharing my thoughts to everyone but giving everyone the respect and importance they deserve. So the word important means to me a lot because when I do something wrong it helps me be to succeed on whatever I am doing or working on. I also like to help others like telling them sometimes how important they are to others or how others are important to them but sometimes motivation not always work so you have to be practical and show them kind of examples they get it.

Anyways let’s move on to what I was saying before the word important means to me a lot because in my life I had many important moments and many moments which are not only important but very important to me in my life because they bring me new and old memories in my life as I live it. 

The point where this word really really comes in my life was when I go out with my friends or I have fun inside my life it was very very good like my lacrosse coach like to say I can do it just I need to focus on what is important right now is to go show other team what we got for them and get the win in our hands EZ.

Important is the only word that whenever I remember it or try to remember it helps me a lot by letting me think of my past and improving it instead of crying for what I have done in easy words you can say a COMEBACK TIME! 

So when I try to play lacrosse I remember one thing which is showing everyone in the team how important I am for them and for the game too. In fact, whenever I try to play any game of my own or with someone I do the same thing. 




  • I like your word and is like you always say, we all are important.

  • The more read the better the story. I think the same is good to make friends/family that are important.

  • Krityug, I really like your writing style. It’s casual like you are talking to a friend. One example of this is when you say “Anyways let’s move on to what I was saying before.” It’s nice to read!
    I also agree with your reason for focusing. You said, “Do something creative instead of wasting your time like crazy.” It’s always better to work on something that helps your mind grow!

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