My One Word in 2019

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        My One Word is Continue and I like the word. I think “continue” is everything important for outcome and successful.

        First, I continue study math, English, global politics or chemistry because if these subjects finished unit of quiz or test. Because I need  to continue study for exam. I might be struggle and necessary more times to study all of each subjects for exam before few week of exam. Therefore, I continue to study. But I continue to study those subjects are not easy because I learn new things and have to do some homeworks everyday. I might need more times and focus. Therefore, I will take relax time and eat my favorite foods and drinks, also I will watch Youtube video. Then I begin of the studies.

        I also thought that continue is important is practice trombone. Instrument is not easy stuff and need many practice for better music. I was said “ If you didn’t play and practice your instrument one day, you should practice three days worth for regain your performance.” by  japanese trombone teacher. I agree her opinion and thought that important continue practice everyday. Therefore, I’ll try to continue practice trombone. But trombone is not small, so I couldn’t take out to my house for practice. However, I try to do my best practice that longtone, tuning and lip slurs…ect on band class.

        Especially I thought important that continue to read a book everyday 15 minutes for grow some English skills and that some teacher say the something. I want to better English reader and increase vocabulary, so I’ll continue to read everyday even at home. However, reading is tired for me, so I’ll take relax time.

        I was debating where I put on the sticker, but finally I decided on my subjects big file because when I study those subjects, I exactly take the file and see on the file.

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  • Hi, Manami I like your word chosen by you for this year2019. I like the way how you describe your word that, how you would continue to your studies and struggle for obstacles came in future. Hope you may achieve your goal have success in future and once you may Rock ! : )

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