Shrimp Problems

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        ” *Gasp* Okay, who took the last cocktail shrimp, from my plate.”

        ” Not me, I’ve been eating vegan to support my animal friends. All I eat is salad with chicken”

        ” Uh, Dave, you know that chicken is an animal product, you know, birds, like us?”

        ” OH MY GOSH?! Wow I guess that all goes to say that you can’t trust salad street vend-…”

        ” Back to the point, who took my shrimp? I paid good money for that at the local Walmart. A good one dollar!!”

        ” * Burp* stop accusing us Phil .” ( eats popcorn shrimp)

        ( Everyone stares at the bird eating the popcorn shrimp) ” Aha! It was YOU Gary! We know your strange obsession for food, and you have been getting a little more pudgy…..”

        ” Excuse me?” ( Gary is mad) ” That’s a lot coming from the guy who actually eats at Big Boy.” 

        ” That big boy needs support, somebody needs to buy his brownie sundaes!”

         ( Phil looks under the table) ” Found my shrimp! Uh…” ( Phil takes off fast with an angry Gary tailing.)

        ” Your gonna pay for that!” ( Gary looks to the other side of the street) ” After I check out this new Burger King.”



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