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One time, I was with my two friends. We agreed that if I told her something private (a secret), they would do the same. So we were at Ulta Beauty Salon and I was in one of the isles looking at makeup and I started crying. My friend Meghan comes and sees me and she gives me a HUGE hug! I feel so loved now. But that’s not the problem. She doesn’t know what the problem is though. But I kind of don’t want her to. Later. we go to her house. My friends names are Teah and Meghan. Those are my friends. When we arrive at Meghan’s house we set our backpacks on the floor and say “Hi” to her two dogs. Their names are Oakley and Maverick. A few hours later, we go on her trampoline when I start tearing up. Teah asks me why I am tearing up. I don’t tell her anything. A few hours later, Teah goes inside so I can talk to Meghan alone. Meghan tells me to take my time and I start CRYING MY EYES OUT! I felt embarrassed but I think I needed to cry. I tell her what’s wrong then she goes inside to grab her water. I only expect Meghan to come out but Meghan AND Teah come out! A few more hours later, it’s time for me and Teah to go home. So, I tell Meghan and Teah not to mention this at all to my or their parents in case they talk to my mom. When I get home and text Meghan. I asked her if we could hangout another day soon. She said maybe and every since then, we have never hung out alone. 

                           ~Please note that this is a real story and it happened a few months ago but it was in 2018~

                                                                                ~The End~

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  • i like how you added some details of what happend that day

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