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It was the middle of the day in Africa when all of the animals would start to get hungry. It was a very unusual day though it may have seemed normal at the time.

” What’s on the menu for today Joe?”, wondered Linus.

” I think they said fish, flying fish,” exclaimed Joe

” My favorite! I love the taste of the fins, and the taste of the”

Joe quickly cut Linus off in mid sentence, ” No I mean like literal fish raining from the sky.”

” What?”

” Yeah you heard me, it’s gonna be raining fish. Woohoo!”

*slurp* ” You’re making my mouth water. So much fish,” Linus stated in a baby voice.

” Do you know what time lunch is then Joe?”

” 2 minutes until lunch Linus, 2 more minutes,”

2 minutes later it started to rain fish. Salmon, flying fish, bluegills ect. All of the Flamingos were fighting for the fish coming from the sky.




You could hear the yells a mile away because of all the excitement. Soon later the fish stopped coming and the sky turned blue.
“That was the best lunch I have ever had Linus, though I don’t think I’ll be eating for another day or 2.”

” Me neither.”

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