So, you guys have probably heard of the world record egg, which is now the most liked thing on the internet to this day with over 48,000,000 likes. I looked at my past, and I looked at my computer with a stupid idea in my head. With that in mind, I decided to try the world record egg thing, but on Write About. To try to get myself a larger comment record than I did on my “How To Be Stingy” post from last year, which had 130 comments, I decided to make this post with an egg to see if people would comment on it to make it the most commented writing on the whole WriteAbout page! Even though it got taken down when I had that many comments before, I’m doing it again.Lets go guys! Write any comment you can think about. Silly, serious, or just flat out dumb, right that down below! Let’s do this guys!!!


  • Please no, save me now!

    • you know this looks pretty pointless

  • I like your post’s

  • WORLD RECORD EGG!!!!!!!!!

  • write more pls

  • come on guys.
    help the kid

  • What up DAWG

  • This is going to get ridiculous.

  • i like potatos

  • I think we should stop the spam and actually comment to make it more of a “Most Comments” post! SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE!

  • apples are

  • apples are t

  • apples are ta

  • hi guys how u doing

  • Now we are at 117!


  • Can you halp me I cannot read these comments there is so many


  • 130!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This is a mess


  • Dominic, congratulations, you surpassed the world record for comments on WriteAbout! Previously known to us was yours, aka How To Be Stingy From Lazy Town. Or the Macarena Post. Either post, you held the record. Until now. You got it again!


  • lololololol YESSSSSSSSSSss

  • 167(including this one)
    Almost there!

  • This is wonderful.

  • MOTTO MOTTO likes you

  • You have 17 people (including me) That have commented an average of 10 comments each. So hey that’s pretty good.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • 180 comments now!

  • [ Insert comment to fill in comment goal here ]

  • can we reach 200?????

  • 5/23/19

    • (Well 189 now)

  • 2/6/19…57 comments

  • Here’s a fun google secret! Goggle “PAC-MAN” and you should see a google layout of PAC-MAN

  • Here’s another one! Search “google gravity” or “google space” and then you can mess around with the menu screen!

  • Google “Super Mario Bros.” and click in the ? block on the images on the right of the results screen.

  • Same here.

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