How Online Tutoring Helps Children in School

When a child comes home from school, the concepts he had learnt at school are still fresh in his mind. Going through those concepts, via homework assignments, acts as a refresher for the child. This way a child can retain ideas, and get into the depth of a subject.

Online tutoring is the real deal. Unlike some homework help sites that offer computer programmed online quizzes or printable worksheets and exercises, online tutoring involves the student and a live, online teacher who creates material and instructs in real time over the Internet.
Research has shown that if a child uses online tutoring for just 90 minutes a week, their ‘maths age’ could improve by up to two years in just 12 months. Tailoring each lesson to individual children’s ability means they don’t get left behind in the numbers game.

Online tutoring requires an Internet connection and a home computer. The requirements of the home computer differ from site to site, but most sites offer a free diagnostic of your computer to determine whether or not it will be compatible with tutoring programs. Assuming that your computer is ready for online tutoring, the online tutoring company that you choose for your children will send you the appropriate tutoring software needed to get started.

Rather than being a program just for students who might have been pushed to get help from a teacher, online tutoring remains a serious option for parents who want to remain a part of their children’s learning experience. It is very important to keep and raise your child’s interesent to studying so he/she won’t ever say “write my essay” and will do everything by her/himself.

Parents play a larger role in online tutoring than you might assume. With online tutoring, parents are given the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning experience as much, or as little, as they please. And since all work is completed from a home computer, parents have the option to play quite a large role.

We offer schools the chance to utilize our ‘edutainment’ system which involves class and individual prizes for pupils to aid in the improvement of grades, overall school OFSTED performance and a system that can be used in conjunction with whiteboard technology on a daily basis.

For the parent we offer the chance of additional tutoring at a fraction of the cost, using a system that your children will enjoy using. You will be able to track your child’s performance on homework and set your own tests for the holidays to aid your child’s ability to succeed.

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