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by : Ava
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        We all have very important memories in our lives but I am going to tell you about the most important one to me. My most important memory is about my grandad ( I know that is not how you should spell it but that is how he spelled it and that is what he wanted to be called.) He is actually my great grandad but everyone just called him grandad. He was an amazing man so I am told I never got a chance to meet him. His wife my GG ( Great Grandma) Will tell stories about him whenever I go to visit her in Alabama. He was very important in World War 2, he was a waist gunner of the Memphis Belle he applied early so after all of his Friends went home he had to stay and go on more missions. When he did come home he became the classic grandpa to my mom and my aunt. After he died many years later about three years ago they told my family that people here going to re build the Memphis Belle and put it in a museum. So we got out all his old army gear and all that jazzy stuff that I had no idea what it was until someone told me and we gave it to the museum and waited and waited. Finally it was done and we had a family reunion in Ohio where the museum was and we went to and see his stuff and there was a whole section of the men who were on it and my grandad was up there next to his photo there was his suit and all of his identification bracelets. That was the closest I ever got to meeting him it was amazing to see all of the stuff there. So there you have it. He is the memory that my family is making sure we keep alive.         


  • He is our most important memory

  • That’s so cool Ava!! Great writing!!!!!!

  • I really love your story Ava

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