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I personally love sports. It’s my life but if I didn’t do my schoolwork I wouldn’t be in sports to begin with. In my opinion schoolwork is so much more important that sports. I think this because if you want to play sports you have to have good grades or you can’t play. My dad knows I’m an amazing softball player and a great basketball player but he knows I’m better at softball than I am at basketball. My dad is my softball coach so it gets really hard for me personally and to be honest I love basketball way more than softball and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. My basketball team was 2 time champs at the tournament. My softball team wins together, loses together, and plays together, but I’m pretty sure we all have to agree that school is WAY more important. If school was not a thing do you think sports would be a thing? I don’t and I only think that because grades are everything for sports. In College they look for good grades and if you don’t do your schoolwork you won’t have good grades. So to be honest i think schoolwork is so much more important than sports. What do you think is more important school or sports?

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  • great writing love it keep it up

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