How Has Globalization Impacted Your Life Today?

        Globalization has impacted my life today by when we go to the grocery store.  Now when you go to any store you see labels that state some part or all of the product is from another country.  The problem is quality control.  When getting products from across the ocean it is hard to keep track of the quality and care of products you are receiving.  It is very hard to lead and give control from far away.  One company is Vera Bradley.  I loved Vera Bradley and the quality of all their products.  However in 2015, they decided to move from their hometown; Fort Wayne, IN to China.  Immediately I noticed changes in their products.  First, their label was completely new and the material was different texture and style. But what does that have to do with me?  The products we eat and buy may not be the best from far away.  Many companies promote “made in America” for that reason.  Products made in America don’t have to travel very far to risk destruction and everything can be monitored and closely watched.  For Vera Bradley, now being in China, the products will never be the same.  Not much is said about their new overseas plant and for good reason.  Their old statement about their fabric is “most of them made of quilted cotton in hyper-colorful, overtly feminine patterns”.  Now their fabric statement is “Our range of whimsical and colorful patterns are designed to make every day feel brighter and more fun” (  The big difference is they don’t mention anything about quilted cotton. They don’t even mention anything about the fabric which is odd.  In conclusion globalization is very big in our lives right now and we must take notice and appreciate the business that strive for quality over quantity. 

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Post Privacy Published on February 21 | General Ideas
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