Why Is Conflict A Thing

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by : Ava
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Conflict is not the worst thing in the world, but it can lead to some of the worst things in the world. Like another World War so I feel that we need to start resolving conflict before it even becomes a big deal. From my experience with conflict is it is mostly revolving around I am right and you are wrong that is always what it seems to start out as. Here are some examples, “You are a lair” ” No I am not”  ” This is better than that” ” No That is better than this.” And here is the one I have the most experience with, ” it is Pop” No it is Soda.” Those are just a few of some kind of Conflicts. There are also the ones on what should we do with this, Like if you and one other person get  $100 and you want to save it to get something big but your friend wants to spend it all on candy you are not going to like that so the two of you could be going back and forth doing this all day. And sometimes conflict can arise not just between people but between countries like about to do with land that they share, or if they are in a war and they are allies and they have different opinions about what to do next in the war. But the most common conflict can come between siblings. i see them fighting saying He did it or she did it. But the most time I see conflict is when they are trying to hang out but they have different opinions about what to do.


How Do We Solve Conflict? Well, there are two ways to do it one is you stop with both of your opinions and do something in between, Like if you can’t decide whether to go roller skating or snow boarding just go ice skating. It can be as easy as that if you can just put you aside and talk to each other not at each other. And the other way to do it is for you stubborn people out there. If you really can’t do in the middle you can just agree to disagree. You can sit down with the person and you can talk it out just say ” Hey, I really can’t see your side and it looks like you really can’t see my side so I think we just need to agree to disagree and move on.”


        So that is how you deal with conflict hope I helped some of you.                                                                               

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